Subs, Super Bowl, and Everything in Between

When I first met Rick, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how rapidly life would change. I never thought that in a few short months that I’d be cheering him on at the Super Bowl.

Rick previously played with the Packers for about four weeks and then was cut and picked up by the Redskins for two weeks. In between these stints, he was making sandwiches at his Dad and Uncle’s sub shop.

The first few months we were dating, I was traveling back and forth to Philly from New York on the weekends to watch him compete for the Long Snapping position. He finally got the call that he had won the job in August and the Eagles were trading 11-year veteran, Jon Dorenbos to the Saints. I thought that was the best thing that was going to happen this season! Boy, I was wrong… Ha! The Eagles went on to have their best season in history. They won the SUPER BOWL! Like what!?! No one prepares you for when your boyfriend wins the super bowl… at all. It all happened so fast and he pretty much gained fame over night. News outlets were picking up his story from “Subs to the Super Bowl” left and right! They even had him snapping subs on media night in Minnesota for goodness sakes.

It’s been such an incredible season but that doesn’t mean there were not tough times. I think that is something that fans don’t realize, athletes are human too. Fans don’t see the nights that we’d both be awake from the stress of not knowing if he’d even be on the team the next day or if he wasn’t going to have a paycheck coming in the next week. They don’t see the family events that Rick wasn’t able to attend because of practice or a game. They don’t see the emergencies that I had that Rick couldn’t come to because he would get a HUGE fine.

Football is a Business

There’s so much more that goes into playing football for a living. It is a business and it is treated it as such, and the players are treated as property sometimes. People will say, “But he makes so much money, it doesn’t matter!” That’s fine and I will allow you to have that opinion! But it’s one of those things that people don’t understand until they are in the eye of the storm. So for those of you women that understand: “Hi, You are not alone!” For those of you fans that don’t: That’s fine too, the game will still be played and life will go on. I just want people to know that behind every great accomplishment is the long hours spent working, trying, and failing, and all of the efforts that finally leads to success. Just like anything in life, you must work, work, work to get and keep the things you want in life. Okay… rant over!!

What is a goal that you are working toward?!

Make it a great day!




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