March 9th, 2018

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase, “One choice can change your entire life.” Well, mine did when Rick’s face showed up on my phone on the dating app called “Bumble.”

 New York to Philadelphia

My life has dramatically changed over the last 10 or so months. Honestly, that’s an understatement. In August of just last year I was living in New York City in the upper east side producing a show for a major website. (I’ll save New York for a later post) But now I live in Philadelphia with the love of my life supporting him as he plays football as the Long Snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s been quite the season…. 😉 #superbowlchamps! He is from New Jersey and it’s been awesome that he gets to play so close to his hometown.

Swipe Right…

I’ve had a million people ask how I met Rick and I am proud to say that we found each other on Bumble! Crazy right? He sent me the world’s worst pick up line and I almost didn’t respond! Thank goodness I did! So the answer is yes, Bumble does work! If you are single- I highly recommend it!

I was living in New York City, working full-time, so I didn’t have time to pursue new people in the city/ it’s SO hard to date in the city. I’m sure all of you are thinking that since there are so many people in the city that it would be easy, right? Wrong. There are SO many people living in New York and they are all in a hurry. The other major issue is that it takes about 45 minutes to go a mile away. So when you find out that someone lives downtown, and you live uptown, you know right away that it is not going to work out.

 I swiped right on Rick on Bumble about a month after he had swiped right on me. He told me that he remembers seeing my profile and thinking he never had a chance. Well, he was almost right.

After we had matched on Bumble, I didn’t put much effort into starting a conversation with him because I saw that he was living in Philadelphia. (I assumed we swiped on each other when he was visiting New York.) So, I sent a simple, “hey what’s up” and he comes back with the world’s worst pick up line….”On a scale from 1-999-999-9999, what are my chances of guessing your phone number?” I went around my entire office asking for advice on what to say back to him and they all told me not to respond!! Thank goodness I did because the rest as they say…is history.

 Our First Date

We met for our first date on Mother’s day of last year in Harold Square. We ate brunch together and the conversation just flowed. We then walked around and shopped for him since he was leaving for Mexico for Memorial day with some of his friends from the Packers. I will never forget the moment I knew that this was something special when we joked about trying on a purple overall set from Urban Outfitters and he actually did it! I was so attracted to his confidence and the fact that he was comfortable in his own skin and didn’t care about being goofy in front of me.

Our second date was about two weeks later and after that, we were inseparable and have been ever since. He is my best friend and I feel so thankful for him each day. Anyone that gets to come in contact with Rick is truly a lucky person. He is so genuine and is just perfect to me… sorry getting emotional!! I’m on the love drug!

Anyway, we are now in the offseason for football so we are doing some traveling and just enjoying the down time. If you want to see how we are together, follow me on Instagram! I always post fun stories of Rick and I.

This year has been a crazy, beautiful, stressful ride and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I hope you all make it a great day! See ya next week.

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