Do any of you ever get caught in a daydream and realize “oh wait, that actually happened!” Because that’s what living in New York felt like.

For me, living in New York was never a dream of mine. Most of the people I met were DYING to live there their whole lives. I decided to move to New York on a whim, for a telephone sales job. A job that was MISERABLE, but changed my life in the best way possible. I met some of my best friends at that job and I’m so thankful for the lessons I learned there. Life is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Typically when you make yourself uncomfortable in life or do things you don’t want to do, you see great reward in return. I think that’s pretty much how my whole New York experience went.

New York was magical, don’t get me wrong – but New York is also very…..expensive!!! I was making pretty much zero dollars and my rent was 1,000. I didn’t even have a bedroom wall! Side note: The best advice I can offer to anyone moving to New York is to make sure that the building you’re moving into actually allows a temporary/flex wall. Also make sure the building has laundry! I know people that would wait weeks to do their laundry because they didn’t want to drag it down the street.

I ended up getting my job with Hometalk in January of last year and my life started getting rapidly better. I found more amazing friends, inspiration, spirituality and that all lead me to finding love. I decided to shake up my world by moving to Philadelphia last September for Rick to support him through the football season. Philadelphia has a whole new learning curve that I am still adjusting to! One of the best things is that Philly has amazing food…

I’ve listed some of my best advice for anyone thinking of living/ moving to New York below!  Make it a great day!


New York Pro Tips:

  1. Make sure the building actually allows flex walls
  2. Try to have either a dishwasher/elevator/laundry in the building – You’ve hit the mother load if you have all three! I was sooo lucky in this aspect!
  3. Buy a monthly unlimited metro card instead of filling it each week
  4. ALWAYS carry an umbrella
  5. Wear comfy shoes to walk to work and change into your work shoes in the office
  6. Taxis are cheaper than Ubers
  7. Walk if it’s a mile or less
  8. Carry hand sanitizer and dry shampoo in your purse
  9. You don’t need cable

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