I ‘m hoping by now that most of you have noticed that way I sign my blog posts. The whole goal behind this blog is to help people make it a great day!


However, I didn’t come up with that catch phrase myself.


I was 14 years old when my dad passed away. It was my first day of high school back in 2007 and I spent it in the ICU praying for the scans to come back with some sort of sign showing that my dad was going to live. He had a heart attack on the 19th of August and then died on the 25th.


Everything was a blur in the months that followed and I still feel I am not healed, nor will I ever be. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my dad and wish he was still here.


I didn’t write this post to receive sympathy. I wrote this post to provide clarity and potentially help others cope.


At my father’s memorial, there were over 700 people in attendance, if that shows you anything about my father’s character- he was a phenomenal human being.


“Make it a Great Day”

After my father died, I used to call his cellphone just to hear his voicemail and listen to the sound of his voice. He ended the voicemail greeting by saying, “make it a great day!” That phrase is how I like to live my life, which is why I aim to use it to help others through this blog.


I don’t know if any of you are spiritual or believe in life after death but I find comfort in believing that my father is in fact looking out for me.


Which is how I believe my family found the letter that he had written to us seven years prior to his death. This note was written on a folded piece of yellow notebook paper and was in one of his old wallets under the bathroom sink.


This letter is copied and displayed in all of my sibling’s homes.


I won’t post the entire letter because it so personal but it contains important advice that I sometimes forget. I hope that someone out there can find it useful.

The Letter


“We must understand that death is a part of life…”

I found this simple sentence so hard to deal with as I was growing up. I didn’t understand why my dad had to be taken from this earth when I was so young. I used to get jealous of my friends when their dad’s would be around. I just didn’t understand!


As I’m now 25 years old, I admit I still have my moments of disbelief. I believe that the hole in my life where my dad once stood has left me with questions and pain, but has also left me with incredible emotional intelligence. I  have the ability to empathize with just about anyone and I have advised many of my friends (unfortunately) when they go through similar circumstances. And not just in death, but I have the ability to help others see that their issues sometimes are not as terrible in the bigger picture. That is because my dad taught me that life is so short. We must cherish all of the time we have on this earth! That not only means making ourselves happy but others.


In another part of my father’s letter (which is my favorite) he wrote,


“Love, love, love, live, live, live, but work, work, work to get and keep the things you want and I don’t just mean a lifestyle, but relationships with family, friends, and lovers.”


I believe this line speaks for itself. I try to read it when I am feeling down about work or life. I read it when Rick and I disagree. I read it when my mom or siblings or friends get on my nerves. Everything in life takes work. And everything and everyone in life responds to love.

Here for YOU

I hope these words can bring some peace to your life and maybe help you through your day if you are having a tough one.

I am always here to help anyone going through a similar loss! Send me an email and I will do my best to offer comfort.

I believe my father would be proud of the woman I have become.

I love and miss him everyday and will continue to make it a great LIFE for him. Join me?










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