Rick is a Long Snapper.

I know you’ve never heard of a Long Snapper.

Yes, he is a “starter” and plays every game. Yes, he took Jon Dorenbos’ spot. No, he doesn’t know magic.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said one of those phrases….

The football lifestyle is nowhere near what people think it is. Yes, it has its glamorous moments. I’ve touched on this a little bit in the past but I thought I would focus in on Rick and his position in the NFL.

“What’s a Long Snapper?”

I will let this one slide because to be honest, I had no idea what it was until I met Rick either. The Long Snapper is the player that snaps the ball for punts and for field goals. If you need more of an explanation then you definitely don’t watch football! Which again, I will let slide since I didn’t…until I met Rick.

Winning the Roster Spot

Rick bounced around the NFL for a couple years until he landed with the Eagles. The issue is that the length of a player’s career in the league is unknown and typically cut short. The average NFL player’s career span only lasts about 2-3 years. The average Long Snapper finds difficulty in even securing a spot since the tenure of the average Long Snapper is 5-10 years. There is a shortage of openings for Rick’s position on a yearly basis.  We don’t know what the future holds but he is working incredibly hard so that he can extend his time as long as possible.

We keep a positive attitude and always pray and hope for the best.

Rick also had some big shoes to fill. In my opinion he has out-walked those shoes. (proud girlfriend alert) However, Jon Dorenbos left a legacy with the Eagles and in Philadelphia. Rick was honored to take over his role!

I think the hardest part was breaking through that ceiling, for both of us. I’m sure our perceptions were probably off, but it was hard (and still is hard) to stand in the place of someone so well-known and well-liked. Fans would talk down to Rick and would even comment on both of our pictures saying, “It should have been Jon.”  We get it, but Jon can’t play football anymore and we wanted nothing but the best for him. We are SO happy that the Saints caught his heart condition.

God works in mysterious ways.

No Fame in His Game

Rick will never be super famous. Unless he gets invited on Ellen…

It’s honestly fantastic. I am friends with a few of the wives of more well-known players and they can’t walk five feet in center city without getting stopped for a picture. Rick gets recognized every now and then but only by HUGE eagles fans or fans that have followed his story.

It’s typically a good thing if you don’t know who the Long Snapper is because that means they are good! Announcers only comment on bad snaps. (Major eye roll)

Just because he won’t ever be famous or have his jersey flying off of the shelves doesn’t mean he isn’t a huge part of the team. There would be no 61-yard field goal without the successful snap from Rick.

Mind Game

Rick’s position is all mental. It’s all technique and takes a tremendous amount of focus and precision. I really don’t understand how he stays so calm under pressure, it is easy to mess up a snap.

All I know is I am proud of my man.

I’m also thrilled because his position is on the safer side. (Less concussions) Yay!

Go Eagles and let’s all pray for a long career for Rick. He deserves it.


Make it a great day!




Hi Jordan,
I am reading your blogs for the first time today. Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying them! Keep them coming! Love your honesty, and I look forward to reading more of your experiences❤️🙏🦅

Beth Valletti


Thank you so much for reading!!! This made my day ❤️❤️

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