Hello friends! I hope this post finds you well. I’ve been “missing in action” and I apologize. I’ve been trying to soak up the last bit of off-season with my man and also tried to take a social media break.

Social media breaks are essential honestly. I was feeling pretty down and out about myself (as we all do at some point.) It’s easy to compare yourself to others on Instagram and fall down that rabbit hole. Take yourself out of that world for a while and try to live in the moment. While I did this, I found some pretty awesome shows that really are binge worthy.

I will admit that they may not be for everyone but they are right up my alley, so I wanted to share!

1. Sharp Objects

This show is a new limited series on HBO. There are few major names in this eerie show such as Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson. It’s a dark series that follows the life of a reporter from a small town in Missouri. The town gives off that classic creepy small town vibe and it doesn’t help that there’s been a few murders.  It seems like this town is not new to death – especially not Amy Adams’s character. I will say that it can be gruesome at times and hard to watch. None the less, it is intriguing and HBO does a great job of keeping the audience wanting more. A new episode is released Sunday nights at 9pm EST.  Please use discretion when it comes to ages viewing!

2. Below Deck Mediterranean

I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW. There is so much drama and it is amazing. It follows the lives of a crew on a yacht in the Mediterranean for six weeks. I’m not joking when I say that every time I watch it, I wonder if I should run away and join a yacht crew. I’m sort of kidding but it is so interesting to see what goes on “below deck.” There is relationship drama and sassy foreign crew members. This is definitely my guilty pleasure show. You can watch it on Bravo On Demand or on Bravo every Tuesday at 9pm EST. Ahoy!

3. Ozark

This show has been out on Netflix for about a year now. The second season is quickly approaching on August 31st, so you should start watching season 1 TODAY. Jason Bateman directs, and stars in this Netflix hit, along side his other Netflix hits on his resume such as Arrested Development. Ozark follows the life of a middle age man that gets forced into money-laundering. He moves to the Ozarks to protect his family and acts as “angel investor” in hopes of being able to launder money out of failing businesses in the area. He must pay off a massive debt to a Mexican Drug Lord.  It’s thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

There are tons of other shows that I watch but these are the three that are most recently on my radar. Be sure to let me know if you have watched any of these or have any recommendations for me! 🙂


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The other below deck on Bravo is good too. 👍🏽

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