As I have mentioned in past posts, I have become extremely particular about my skincare routine. From Serums, to moisturizer, to oils, to masks. The number one product that does the ABSOLUTE MOST for your skin… can you guess?

I get asked a ton what my favorite products are which is why I began writing my #ThursdayThree. However, this one deserved its own post.


I cannot tell you enough how important sunscreen is for your skin. Not just for your face but for your entire body.

If you want to prevent aging signs? Put on sunscreen.

Want to keep your skin’s elasticity as you get older? Put on sunscreen.

Want to prevent skin cancer? Put on sunscreen.

I have found that my makeup goes on smoother and my face glows more during the day when I am wearing sunscreen.

The trendy idea that is all over social media is about self care and about self love. There is no better way to care for yourself than to do this one simple task that can prevent a multitude of issues in the future.

Vitamin D

As we grow up we are told that the sun provides essential Vitamin D, which is true. But not in the way that we were taught to think. It is possible to enjoy the sun while still protecting yourself from harmful damage that the sun may cause. I don’t want to sound like your mother telling you what to do, but honestly, it is important to invest in your well being. Many foods contain vitamin D that have the same benefits as the sunlight. I am not preaching to stop going to the beach or stop spending time outside. I am reminding you to be aware of how much time you are spending in direct sunlight or to wear a hat and slap on some SPF! Girl, it is easy.


I honestly did not even know what SPF stood for until I did some research on it. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The best was to think about this is when you are checking the weather app on your phone- scroll down and check the UV index. If the index is anything higher than a 6, then you should be wearing a sunscreen containing above 35 SPF. A UV index above 8 is considered dangerous to be exposed to for extended periods of time. Personally, I wear 35 on a daily basis! I rub it on just like a lotion right before I head out the door.


For us ladies, it is now SO easy to put on sunscreen. Many makeup brands have moisturizers, CC creams, and foundations with sunscreen built in. I actually put on sunscreen after my moisturizer that contains a SPF 30 but it is easy to skip that extra step. Even if you don’t add on to the makeup, at least you are protecting your face in an easy way!

Growing up, I never realized the importance of taking care of my skin. Living in Florida, it was normal to spend days at a time at the beach and to be outside. I would give my mom a hard time about putting on sunscreen because it was just one extra thing I had to do. In all reality, I was just being lazy and I wish I hadn’t lied so many times about putting it on, when I really didn’t.

You don’t have to take my word for it, but this is the most important step in my skin care routine. I have linked a few of my favorite sunscreen products for you below!


You can get these on Amazon:


Make it a great day!




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