Although I don’t always post my outfits everyday or consider myself a fashion guru, I do consider myself to be creative through my clothing. Fashion is a way to express yourself. It speaks volumes about your personality and creates confidence that you could be lacking that specific day through a single item of clothing.

Side note: I did win ‘Best Dressed’ in high school so I am SOMEWHAT of a professional… only kidding, but I did win, that’s not a joke. 🙂

“Four Girls On a Mission”

Clothing is a way to express your mood, your personality, and tell your story without saying a word. We are all guilty of making a decision on someone based on what they are wearing. I do it everyday and I am sure you do too. Knowing this, I try to put time and effort into how my story is told by the clothes I put on everyday, well most days when I am not exhausted or just going to the gym.

There is a group called, “Four Girls On a Mission” and they are helping to tell stories through t-shirts. They are using t-shirts to support women in finding their voice through their clothes. That is why it is no surprise that the non-profit that I work for, Family Lives On Foundation, decided to partner with them to create a piece that helps our voice be heard.

I haven’t even told you the best part of their company… For every shirt sold, $1.00 will go towards programs that promote women’s safety, education, and wellness. For a limited time, while our creation is being sold, a portion will go toward helping the children in Family Lives On’s program.

Family Lives On

The biggest question I get, is about what exactly Family Lives On does for the children. The brief version of what I tell people is that we support the emotional well-being of children who have lost a parent. But the ‘how’ we do it is the important piece. We have a program that is called the “Tradition Program.” The best way to explain it is to think about a tradition that you have with your family or parents. Whether it is going to an Eagles game for Christmas or even just baking cookies. We put together packages and get the family excited and set up for that tradition to come around each year, even though an important piece is missing – the parent.

Madison, who works directly with the children, talks to the families throughout the year and helps build excitement. We take something that could become unbearable and dreaded, and turn it into a day that is used to celebrate the parent’s memory. The money that is donated to Family Lives On, goes directly to sponsoring those traditions. It pays for the materials needed and all of the little details. No tradition is too big or too small.



Your Story

We all have a story to be told. We all have that one story that we tell ourselves that is used to define us and is how we want to be perceived by others. All of our stories are different but the commonality that we all share, is that we can use our story as our strength. Some of us struggle to be strong and that is where Family Lives On comes in and “Four Girls On a Mission” is helping by joining forces. We are helping people from all backgrounds with all different stories find their strength.

Learning to Float

I’ve written previously on my blog about my father passing away suddenly when I was 14. There is a lesson that I have learned through the years of watching this happen to others and from myself. There are two ways in which a person’s life can head after something traumatic happens. In this case, losing a parent in those developmental years. One way, is keeping your head above water (figuratively speaking of course) and eventually learning to float. The other, is continually struggling to tread water through the waves of life. I was lucky enough that I had a surviving parent that put my life jacket on but others are so not so fortunate. Family Lives On serves as that life raft that is thrown to people when their boat sinks. That is the best way I can paint the picture of how it feels to lose your parent.


My Story = My Strength

After 11 years I can finally say with confidence that I am stronger because of what has happened. Not everyone’s story includes a death. It sometimes includes something that is worse or just as devastating. It’s how you use that story, that defining moment, or for some – multiple chapters, and use it to propel you to the next. YOUR STORY = YOUR STRENGTH.

You can buy a shirt here to support both organizations while telling your story. We’d love to hear your story! Use our hashtag so we can read them. #mystorymystrength or #givegriefwords

BUY YOUR SHIRT HERE! Use code FLOF for a discount. For every shirt sold, $1 will go to Family Lives On Foundation.

Make it a great day!


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