I hope this post finds you in good spirits and health! Rick and I went to New Orleans for Halloween and it was a BLAST. If you ever have the opportunity to go to New Orleans for the holiday, I highly recommend it. The city is full of spooky history and everyone dresses up for the whole week. I’ll save all of that for it’s own blog post in the next couple weeks.

Straight Out Of a TV Show

Today I had the awesome experience of trying an “IV Infusion” for the first time! I’ve seen them all over reality shows and on Instagram and I was so excited when I connected with CityHydration.

CityHydration is run by two sisters that are originally from New Jersey. Christie, who is a Nurse, works in the same office space as her sister, who is a Chiropractor. Talk about good genes, amiright?!

The office is so quaint, comfy and also very on trend. Typically there are about 5 or 6 clients in the office during weekdays and about 20 on weekends. The answer to why that is, is quite simple – hangovers! That is what IV bars are famous for! When I got into the nitty gritty details of all that goes into each of the IV cocktails, I now understand why celebrities constantly post, hungover in bed, with an IV in their arm. CityHydration’s Hangover cocktail helps detox the Liver and also has Zofran that helps with the spins.

IV Cocktail For One

I got CityHydration’s “Athletic Performance” infusion plus Vitamin C, because I could feel a cold coming on. The infusion I received has B-12 that helps with energy and also helps you have more restful sleep at night. You can pick and choose your own infusion and add – on any vitamins you deem necessary. It was super comforting knowing a Nurse was doing my infusion so she could help me figure out what my body was needing. I also did not sleep well at all last night and felt exhausted walking into the office. I am now lacing up my sneakers to go to the gym, something I didn’t think my body could muster up the energy to do today.

As I was getting the infusion I did start to feel a bit tense and anxious but Christie assured me that it was the boost of the B-12 and she slowed the infusion down, and I felt more relaxed right away.

Christie, who is the owner, was once a travel Nurse for multiple years so she has no problem traveling to make house calls for an additional rate. She even travels to the Jersey Shore during the summer!

I already am planning to try out the hangover cure for the next time I go out on the town!

Be sure to check out City Hydration in Center City! They are the real deal.

Make it a great day!



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