Hi all! I can’t even believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Where did the year go?

I wanted to throw together a small list of New Orleans must do’s… honestly it’s just food. Rick and I ate our way straight through NOLA for his bye week. With the Eagles traveling to New Orleans this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to put together a guide for those traveling for the game.

The first tip: I HIGHLY recommend going to NOLA for Halloween at some point in your life. It is the perfect town for the holiday. The entire city decorates their balcony’s and dresses up for basically a whole month. We did a haunted pub crawl on Halloween night and it took us around to about five different haunted bars. They each had a signature drink and we learned a little bit of history about each of the bars and areas surrounding it.


On to the food…

I compiled a list for you guys because, honestly, I love lists and make life easier. Happy eating and have fun in New Orleans!

  1. Cafe Du Monde – We went to the one on the river by Harrah’s, the one in the French Quarter has insanely long lines so save yourself some time and go to this one. It’s the same beignets and cafe au lait!
  2. Restaurant R’evolution – This was a recommendation from Rick’s teammate and is kind of pricey but the gumbo is AMAZING. We were both so full we couldn’t even go out to have drinks that night!
  3. Cavan – This place is a little bit outside of the city but is so cool. It’s in an old house and we sat on the porch and ate shrimp and grits and fried oyster caesar salad.
  4. Elizabeth’s – This is a mom and pop joint outside of the city as well. The portions are huge and the fried green tomatoes are incredible. It is always packed and is so worth the wait.
  5. This is not a restaurant recommendation but you must get a hand grenade from Tropical Isle. 🙂


New Orleans knows their drinks, their food, and their music. It was a quick trip for us but it was lots of fun! I hope this helps anyone looking for recommendations.


Make it a great day!


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