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I got Microblading!

Rick and I are leaving for the Bahamas on Sunday and the best part about this trip is that I don’t have to worry about bringing my eyebrow pencil. You’re probably like, “girl, what?” but let me explain. It’s actually not that long of an explanation… I got Microblading! If you haven’t seen it all over Instagram, it is basically small cuts in your eyebrow that deposits pigment aka it’s a tattoo.

I had been considering Microblading a little while because honestly I am lazy. I like when my makeup is done but most days I really hate the applying of putting it. First world problems, I know. Any way, I had been considering it but I hadn’t found an artist that was worth the money. CUE BREE SLIDING INTO MY DM’s.

Trust the Process

Bree is a Microblading artist based in Doylestown. Her studio is in the back of Atomic Lobster Tattoo  where Sean Duffy is an artist. (He was a judge on Ink Master.)

Let’s back up. I want to take you through my entire thought process, the process of getting the eyebrows done, and the healing process. Trust the process… get it? Go Sixers.

I was extremely nervous to commit to getting my brows done when Bree reached out because getting a tattoo on your face can go really right or really wrong. I studied her Instagram feed and read as many reviews as I could and it was a unanimous overall great response. We booked my appointment on Sunday, January 27th. Something important to keep in mind is that you need 10 days of laying semi low after you get the procedure done. I will get into that later.

The Experience

I drove to the Atomic Lobster studio in Doylestown which took about 40 minutes but really was not bad at all. When I arrived I was honestly blown away. When you think about tattoo parlors you think of the scary guys in there and smoke and etc. no? just me? okay cool. WELL, it wasn’t that at all! It was SO SO clean. Like they probably could have performed surgery in one of their chairs. Sean and Bree greeted me and made me feel right at home. Bree walked me back to her part of the studio and it was a dream, so dang cute. She has decorated it with her personal touch and it makes you feel glamorous and excited for what’s about to happen.





You sit down in a chair looking in a lit up mirror and she begins her process. She measures your current eyebrow shape and decides on the best shape for your face. She takes a few before pictures and makes you feel so comfortable with a little chit chat. She really is so sweet.

She guides you into another smaller room that has a tattoo chair that you lay down on. You lean back and she consults on color matching. She prefers to go lighter first rather than darker. You have to go back for a touch up in about 8 weeks so it is better to add to the color then.

Hand Tool vs. Tattoo Gun…

She mixed a little brown with a blonde color because I like the contrast of darker brows with my blonde hair.

I paid close attention the sanitization of her tools and again, they could perform surgery in there. I felt safe, and that says a lot because I get anxiety at the nail salon because of the tools they use.

She uses a hand tool and I guess there is another way to do Microblading with a tattoo gun but it is harder for the artist to control. That is SUPER important if you are thinking about getting Microblading done. You want it done with a hand tool!

She starts the first pass of the pigment deposit and that is the round that hurts the most. When I say it hurts, it feels like a pinch. It is not extremely painful or unbearable. After the first pass she puts on some numbing cream so the second pass you cannot even feel. She did two total passes on my brows but some people may require three. It depends on your skin.

The entire procedure took about two hours from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I was able to sit up and look at my new brows. I truly was giddy with excitement because I was never able to get my brow shape to look the way I wanted. I felt so confident driving home that day!

I have compiled a list of important details if you are considering Microblading with Bree. 

Important things to know:

  • Bree’s price is $550, this is actually an amazing price and you are getting QUALITY work for what you are paying. She should charge way more but she is a nice human. She is also booked out for weeks so that is an amazing sign. Make your appointment today!
  • It takes 10 days for your brows to heal.
  • You need to apply SPF on your brows after they heal everyday – which you should be applying on SPF everyday anyway.
  • You can’t sweat for 10 days. I don’t sweat profusely on my face so I was able to lift weights etc. at home. I tried to keep my cardio at a minimum for at least 7 days. You also just want to avoid a large gym as much as possible until they heal. Again, it is an open wound and there are SO many germs at the gym.
  • You need to wash your brows twice a day with DOVE soap and put on ointment that Bree provides you with. This is will keep away infections etc.
  • Your Brows will last 1-2 years!!!! Depending on your skin type. SO worth it in my opinion.

Healing Process (This is personally what happened to me, everyone’s healing can be different depending on their skin type but generally this is the process- timeline may vary) :

  • Day 1: Brows on fleek.
  • Day 2: Dang, I look GOOD.
  • Day 3: Still looking great.
  • Day 4: Whoa, they are scabbing over! They begin to scab because it is an open wound. Have no fear, it doesn’t last forever. Just plan accordingly for events.
  • Day 5: Still Scabbing.
  • Day 6: Brows are disappearing. The pigment begins to disappear and you will get frustrated because you cannot put makeup on them because they still need to heal. Just breathe, it will be okay my friend.
  • Day 7: Still no brows but keeping the faith.
  • Day 8: They are making a come back!
  • Day 9: Oh yes, here they are!
  • Day 10: Brows are alive and well and I can fill them in slightly if need be.

My pigment on my right brow faded a little more than the left but that will be fixed on my follow-up appointment so I am not concerned.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my experience and I am so thrilled that I was able to collaborate with Bree.

You can book with Bree here: BROWS BY BREE

Follow Bree on Instagram: Brows By Bree Instagram

Healing Process:





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I hope this helps you make it a great day!



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