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Baha Mar

Rick and I went to the Bahamas about two weeks ago and my tan has already faded. Sad.

Anyway, we went to the Bahamas and stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Baha Mar. There are two other hotels at Baha Mar as well; The Rosewood and the SLS. To be honest, when we first got there we were not too impressed. It was very Resort-y. If that makes sense. It just seemed very main stream. I know I sound snooty but it just didn’t do anything for us. We were obviously impressed by the giant casino and the pools were gorgeous, etc. It wasn’t until the second day that we fell in love with Baha Mar. It mainly had to do with the fact that we made friends with three other couples on the beach. One of the couples is even from Philadelphia and we’ve had dinner with them in Philly twice since we have been back. Small world. We are also planning two other vacations with the group!

So that was really the key here. Baha Mar is a great for a family vacation or group vacation. If you are looking for something more intimate and romantic, I would probably stay elsewhere. We were pretty surprised to see a lot of celebrities there also. It is definitely a popular spot. All in all, we had a fantastic time and it really is a gorgeous property.

Make Reservations in Advance

My best advice is to make dinner reservations about a month prior to your stay. We had no idea that everything would basically be booked up. We ate dinner at 930 pm every night because that was all they had available. It is also pretttttty expensive at the resort. We were kind of blown away at the prices. We had two drinks at a bar in the afternoon and the tab was $65. LIKE WHAT. SO yeah, take that into consideration.

I highly recommend getting a massage during your stay because the spa was just beautiful. That was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.

You cannot go wrong with any of the restaurants on the property they are all delicious but my favorite was 3tides. The fish was super fresh and the sushi was amazing.

The guys throughly enjoyed the cigar bar as well. Fun fact: Tiger Woods owns the cigar bar there.

We had a great time but I think it was a one time kind of visit. It is definitely worth trying out.  If you do go, try to go during the week and not the weekend. It was significantly less crowded Monday through Wednesday.

I hope this is helpful and helps you make it a great day! If you want to read about our tropical trip last year, you can find it here: One Happy Island – Aruba




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