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I put a questionnaire out on Instagram the other day, if you don’t follow me… you should. You can find me at @jordanbritt_. Anyway, I put out a question box on Instagram for people to ask me for advice, recommendations or just any question about myself.

Let’s hop to it! If I don’t answer your question – I apologize! I will do this again if it goes over well.


  1. Q: “Favorite way to find new places in Philly. I’m intimidated by the city but want to branch out! “ A: Honestly, I am intimidated by the city as well! I think I am intimidated by any city and that includes NYC where I lived for a year, so you’d think I’d be the opposite. My best answer would be to grab one friend, all you need is one and ask them to go explore with you. If they aren’t up for exploring then pick one new place or restaurant you want to try each week and go! I’m not one for doing things alone, so I’d definitely just ask any friend I know to join. Things are less intimidating when you are in the company of others. I typically find restaurants, etc through Instagram and just save the location for a later date.
  2. Q: “How do you deal with feelings of being left out with your friend group?” A: This question stung a bit. I feel this a lot in the NFL world unfortunately. Sometimes it can appear that there are friend groups and you will see them hanging out and wonder why you aren’t invited. I’ve felt this from middle school all the way until now. I believe that it’s more of a female thing to feel this way and of course social media doesn’t help. People document everything now so when you see your friends hanging out without you, you start to get down on yourself. I don’t entirely have a great answer for this one but I try to tell myself that it wasn’t intentional that they are leaving you out. Even if it appears that way. Check out my other blog I wrote recently here, it may be helpful.
  3. Q: “What are things like for you socially given that life can be hectic? What do you do for fun?” A: Life slows down for me during off season and it’s the best! Life feels like it’s on pause during the season so when Rick and I have time to lay low aka lay on the couch, it is the best! I love to try new restaurants around the city, I travel a lot and try to see my friends and family as much as I can during the months of offseason. I read a lot and watch cooking shows… even though I’m really bad at cooking. I workout a ton because I tend to over eat during the offseason, haha. I also keep up with my NFL friends that stay in Philly. It’s always nice to see them outside of the season.
  4. Q: “What do you love most about Rick?” A: He is incredibly patient and level-headed in all aspects of life and especially with me. I absolutely need someone who doesn’t get annoyed or angered easily because I provide enough of that for both of us. He gives me perspective.
  5. Q: “As a fellow Floridian in Philly, you seem to adjust well. What are your favorite things to do? I feel cooped up!” A: First of all, Instagram hides all issues. I definitely did not adjust well and didn’t share that on Instagram! I apologize for that. Any change in life takes time to adjust. Philly was a tough adjustment for me because the first winter I experienced here was one of the worst they had in years. Being from Florida, I was going CRAZY because I needed the sun!!!! I’m sure you have experienced that. However, adjustments are always easier with friends and family around. Invite people to visit as much as possible and throw yourself into work and your friends at the office if that’s possible for you! The good news is that during the warm months that are approaching you definitely will not feel cooped up! Philly is a summer city and there is SO much to do. My favorite things to do are of course eat- there is an insane food scene in Philly. You should try as much of it as possible. The sports here are epic as well!! You can grab a group and get cheap seats at any of the events and drink beer and have a blast. Also people love any excuse to tailgate. Check out Xfinity Live if you haven’t already!
  6. Q:”Best Online shops for summer clothes, specifically bathing suits?” A: Forever 21 is always great for affordable dresses, etc. HelloMolly, Zaful for bathing suits! ASOS for swim as well and affordable dresses. Nordstrom Rack is great too and I always love Target and TJ MaXX for summer tops.
  7. Q: “Any workout secrets?” A: I don’t have too many secrets on this topic. I am constantly searching for tips, etc. since I am 5′ 0″. I have been using the SWEAT app and absolutely love it! When I do cardio on the elliptical or treadmill, I watch a makeup video on Youtube. It helps pass the time! I also follow Jennifer Anniston’s rule of thumb, “Don’t eat like sh*t everyday and you will be fine.” It seems to be correct. ha.

I think that is a good place to stop for today! Let me know if this was helpful and if you’d like for me to do this again!

Make it a great day!


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