I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “there’s always room for improvement.” This could not be more true. The issue is that I get super comfortable and I do not like change. I mean, realistically, who actually LOVES change? Especially when it’s not something you initially want, even if it ends up being a blessing.

I’ve been doing some soul searching and I’m constantly working on bettering myself whether it’s my health, skin, my moods, God, friendships, family, my relationship, etc. 

There are definitely other parts of my life that could use my fine tuning but these are the few that jumped out at me…

Areas of Improvement: 

  1. I get angry super easily. I always have! I think it stems from my dad passing, but my brother will beg to differ because he used to try to get arise out of me when I was little and it was not difficult. It’s affected me in numerous ways. Rick gets the brunt of it and so does my mom, they both have a lot of patience, that is for dang sure. I am working on this and have to remind myself constantly that I need to remain consistent in my faith, and know that most things are out of my control but I can control how I react. When has anger ever helped an issue? Never… that’s when.
  2. I care a lot about what people think. It’s really very stressful. I’ve gotten to a better place now but some days that need for validation creeps in on social media or I care about a stranger seeing my zits when I don’t wear makeup. I’ve always been this way and I even remember my dad telling me that I needed to let it go because no one is thinking about me, they are thinking about themselves, which is so true.
  3. I have an Online shopping addiction. I mean, I could be worse but it is getting a tad out of hand to the point that my doormen make fun of me for how many packages I get a week. I blame Amazon.
  4. I’m inconsistent. I like to believe that I am self aware enough to notice that this is an issue in my life. It is definitely something that I try to work on and it is mainly when it comes to this blog and Instagram. In order to grow on these platforms you have to be consistent but I let opinions and comparison grab hold of me and it keeps me from sharing my message.
  5. I’m impatient. I’m a millennial and that’s actually how we are described which is embarrassing. I want everything NOW. Sounds familiar right? I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs to improve on this. I need to remember that good things take time and nothing worth having comes easily! 

There will always be things that we need to improve on and we SHOULD constantly be striving to be better. I wanted to share this to show that you are not alone if you struggle with any of these issues and it’s okay to not be perfect. Even if your entire Instagram feed seems that way. 

Are there things that you would like to improve on? Share them with me! Let’s always be better. 

Make it a great day. 




This was so nice to read 🙂 love when people are real and relatable about their life. (number 5 is definitely real!)


A reaction is different from an action. When we react we are responding from something someone else is doing or not doing, and no matter what caused the reaction the effect is the same… It causes anger. I had this issue in my youth as well, and to shift it I had to decide that my time and precious energy had stronger value to me than getting caught up in the insane situations that triggered anger. I chose to respond from the action of love over the reaction of anger. So I adopted the practice of boundaries that shields me from the ill will of others, and from this the ego-less relationship began. My site shares openly a path that leads to empowerment.

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