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Wedding season is upon us!

My cousin, Jenna,  just got married last month and I was her Maid of Honor! We were raised basically as sisters that lived about an hour away from each other. I’m extremely lucky to have her as my best friend, cousin and role model!

Jenna and I have a tradition of attending a Taylor Swift concert each time she goes on tour. We’ve added our friends to the tradition and it made perfect sense that ‘Taylor Swift’ would be the theme for her bachelorette party! So that leads into my first step…


  • Pick a theme and a place – Once you have a theme and a place that you are all willing to travel to, the rest falls together. If you know that your bride wants to do a beach trip, then give her a few options of beachy towns. If she is more of a party girl, then give her big city options that accommodate bachelorette parties – i.e. Vegas, Austin, Chicago. I had a bunch of people ask about the house that we stayed in at 30A for Jenna’s party. We completely lucked out and her boss actually rented the house for us! He did it through which is a rental service used throughout the different towns in 30A. I would HIGHLY recommend 30A for any type of trip. I am from Florida and I didn’t even know this place existed.
  • Ask your bride if there is anything she absolutely wants to do OR does NOT want to do – This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give to anyone planning a Bachelorette. It is about her and you want her to have the best time possible. Jenna didn’t want anything “penis” related so we strayed away from that kind of decor, etc.
  • Pick the date – Obviously you want to pick the weekend so you can start planning right away! I started planning four months in advance.
  • Start a group chat with the people who are going – ask for their input and ideas before you start planning. They may think of something awesome that you might not have otherwise!
  • Decide on a color scheme – I decided on a red and white scheme to match the Taylor Swift theme.
  • Plan each day – start by laying out the weekend of what you would want it to look like for the bride. This is what each day looked like for my outline:

Thursday – I knew this would be a chill day because everyone would be flying in that day so I didn’t come up with outfits or set plans. I used that day to decorate the house and set up the gifts for attendees.

Friday – This was supposed to be a beach bars and walk around the different little towns day, but it ended up being rainy and overcast. We spent the day in the house playing drinking games. It was perfect because the house was incredible and it gave us the chance to really use it. Friday night we planned to all wear black and white patterns and have Jenna wear white. We all wore red lipstick to match the theme. We researched bars and night life before the weekend so we had a game plan of where to take our talents. We found an awesome piano bar and of course we had them play, “Shake It Off.”

Saturday – This was the day that I planned for all of us to wear matching shirts. You’ve seen this idea all over Instagram. I knew I wanted them to be Taylor Swift themed shirts so I brainstormed her different song lyrics and we decided on the song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Our shirts said, “Look What You Made Us Do” and hers said, “The Old Jenna Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now.”  I also ordered the heart sunglasses on Zaful and we wore them all weekend! That night we hosted a lingerie shower at the house and kept it a low key evening with champagne. Each person brought a pair of panties for the bride and she had to guess who brought what.

Sunday – Most of us left at 6am that day so we cleaned the house at midnight the night before!

I ordered all of the favors and decor from Etsy and Amazon and I actually made the beach bags (DM me if you’d like me to make bags for you!)  The tumblrs and shirts were made by 

Helpful note- We ordered groceries for the house on Instacart so that we didn’t have to worry about going to get food or going out in a large group for reservations.

I hope this helps you plan your next bachelorette party!

Make it a great day!



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