It’s finally summer time! My favorite time of year. As most of you know I’m a Florida girl born and raised so my body, mind and soul CRAVES the sunshine and heat. The summer really resets my whole outlook. We come out of the winter months, the months of cuddling on the couch and avoiding the outdoors and we step into the light and want to be outside and drink beer… or is that just me?! ha.

I wanted to touch on why I’ve decided to start linking my clothes on LikeToKnowIT again. If you are unfamiliar with LikeToKnowIt, it is an app that allows influencers to make commission off of the clothes that they link that people buy based on their recommendation.

This is how the images look in the app. You can click each product to shop directly!

Why I struggle…

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve really struggled with keeping my purpose in focus for this blog and I didn’t want to be product pushing. I decided to really block out the noise and find a way to recommend items and clothes that I love while keeping my purpose highlighted. I vowed to only recommend clothes and items that make me feel great, so that I can help others feel great in them as well. Fashion is a form of self expression and sometimes a form of therapy for me. I also only shop at affordable retailers so I never want anyone to feel that what they want is out of reach. I’ve always loved clothes and I used to pick out my outfits weeks in advance. I actually still do this! I even won ‘Best Dressed’ in high school so ‘OOTD’ is not new territory to me.

The thing that has been weighing on my heart is that there are so many other girls on Instagram that are doing the same thing. So as I figure out how I can bring a better message into my Instagram posts and clothes, you can follow my journey on both platforms. You can download the Liketoknowit App here, and follow me to shop my outfits. :

Make it a great day!


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