I’m officially a dog mom! If you know me or follow me, then you know that I am dog obsessed and constantly posting other people’s dogs on my stories. However now, my feed and stories are consumed by Otto. Otto Lovato to be exact. He’s my puppy son and I’ve never felt love like this before… You think I’m being dramatic but I’m not even kidding! I grew up with dogs and I always loved them an insane amount but it’s different when you are their main caretaker. They always followed my mom around the house and now Otto follows me!

Otto Lovato

We’ve had Otto for 2 months and he is a little over 4 months old. Otto is a Blue Merle Cavapoo and we found him through a friend from a reputable breeder in Hershey, PA. It was the BEST day ever when we picked him up and he’s been a mama’s boy ever since. (He loves Rick too lol)

We didn’t crate train. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING…STOP JUDGING ME. It worked for us to not have to do it. He’s completely potty trained now, so take that! We followed the golden rule of taking him out every 20 minutes and right after each meal. He sleeps right up on my pillow and has slept through the night since the night we brought him home! Do what’s best for your puppy! Crate training isn’t for everyone.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, this is your sign to DO IT. It’s more worth the trouble than you can ever imagine.

I thought I would link a few of our puppy necessities for all the crazy dog mom’s out there:

Busy Bones
Trail Bites
Freeze Dried Treats

Puppy Shampoo
Dog Bowl
Pet Plate Dog Food

Make it a great day!


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