I took a break from blogging and it ended up being over a year long. Whoops!

A lot has happened over this last year so I thought I would update you guys.

If you don’t already do so, you should follow me on Instagram as that’s where I live most of the time. If you do follow me, then you know that WE’RE ENGAGED!!!! Rick proposed last November, the night before Thanksgiving and it was romantic and perfect and the best night of my life. I plan to write all about our engagement this coming week so look out for that! We are planning our wedding for March 6th, 2021. God willing with the state of the world.

We also bought a house and moved out of our apartment! We are now suburb people. It is still so weird to say that! We’ve lived in our house for about 3 months now. We renovated pretty much the whole house which took about 5 months, all through quarantine.

Last but not least, we adopted a puppy. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, besides Rick of course. But he just makes my days so much better! Meet Otto Lovato! You can also follow him on Instagram as well.

That’s a quick summary of what has happened over the last year! I hope you are all staying healthy and making it through with positivity.

I’ll be working on a few more posts in the next couple of weeks!

Make it a great day!


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